Equestrian vaulting

Vaulting is a group sport and promotes children in many ways. It‘s all about balance, strength, tension, mobility, endurance, sense of rhythm, trust as well as courage and creativity. All in all it‘s about common group gymnastics and caring for your horse.

During vaulting, the children sit on the back of the horse, which trosts evenly in a circle. The art is to hold on to the horse and perform elegant figures. The horse wears a belt with two handles so that nobody makes a somersault.

The children learn the sometimes very demanding exercises on the horse’s back playfully and without pressure. Depending on their ability, this can be done in a walk, trot or gallop.

The vaulting lessons are carried out by certified vaulting trainers in a heated riding hall. Our vaulting horses are also thoroughly trained equestrian event. They have learned to trot calmly and evenly on the lunge.

We are especially pleased that our advanced ‚Voltikids‘ are taking part in their first vaulting tournaments this year.


Vaulting trainings take place every Wednesday from 4 to 5 PM and Thursday from 5 to 6 PM. The monthly fee is 75 Euro.

In order to make training sessions as intensive as possible for all participants, we would like to inform you that a group consists of an absolute maximum of ten children.

Notice for partents