Learning from professionals

Perseverance, patience, empathy and respect

It’s our concern in professional training to establish a respectful relationship between you and your horse. The nature of the horse is important, because only a healthy and balanced horse is ready for a competition.

With natural aids and the knowledge of the horse’s behaviour and psyche, communication between you and your horse needs to be learned and improved in training. A balanced establishment in respect and trust is essential for a harmonious and relexad every day life. Body language is just as important as explicit instructions so your horse is able to understand and accept the corrections.

In order to prepare you and your horse for future tournaments, you need to work out a personal goal with your trainer and concentrate on successes.

In between training sessions your horse will get its natural freedom and recovery time, but also social contacts with other horses.

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“Riding should be an easy and harmonious interaction between animal and human, not a powerful confrontation.”
Sandra Liebisch, fully qualified groom, classical riding education and Osteopath concept coach.