Test center of developments

Hofgut Liederbach and peiker CEE have a special business and product testing agreement in equestrian sports. Product research programs play an important role even before the actual development phase.

Taking these researches and brainstorming meetings into account, potential products end up in development and enable further CEECOACH developments. Hofgut Liederbach is therefore an important source of ideas.

Hofgut Liederbach quality seal

Hofgut Liederbach designed a quality seal to ensure you a tested and trusted product.

These products help to provide an animal-friendly environment. Ambitious horse owners are supported by new innovations to achieve their qualitative demands and needs.

Additionally, the seal of quality was awarded by an independent jury of representatives in equestrian sports and veterinarians, horse loungers and the industry.

– tested by Hofgut Liederbach –

CEECOACH – an outdoor communication system – also tested and approved by Isabell Werth

CEECALM – the acoustic soothing device for your horse

More about CEECOACH and CEECALM: www.peiker-cee.de

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